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With head offices in Florida, DataGrid Inc. is an independent, family owned, small business founded in 1999 by University of Florida Professor Bo Gustafson*. Caliterra AB and Gutec AB are collaborating companies owned by the same family. DataGrid Africa Center is a jointly owned with the local staff, application center located in Uganda.

DataGrid's Charter:

"Bring Space Technology to Earth Applications and Industrial Technology to Space Applications."

To develop GNSS technology for all precision markets including Defense, Space & Aerospace, Land Surveying and Land Management, Machine Control, Marine Ship Monitoring and Control, Structural integrity Monitoring (bridges, dams, nuclear waste management sites, ...), Geodetic Research, Precision GIS.

Enabling the developing world: DataGrid technology is advanced yet simple to use and easy to maintain to the benefit of all.

DataGrid offers its technology to third parties subject to restrictions** under license and royalty agreements. We develop custom solutions under contract.
- as a defense contractor
- for WB and UN projects
- joint ventures and OEM supply agreements

 Caliterra, Gutec, DataGrid Summary. in pdf

* Prof. Gustafson (now Prof. Emeritus) is also founder of the Laboratory for Astrophysics in the Astronomy Department at the University of Florida and the laboratory's director (1996-2011). An Alexander von Humboldt fellow and lifetime fellow of the School of Mathematical Sciences, Queen Mary and Westfield College, London University, Gustafson has been awarded recognitions by NASA and by ESA for "outstanding contributions", recognition by the Univ of Florida for "outstanding research activities" and he is recipient of the Anderson award for teaching. The International Astronomical Union named Asteroid 4275 “Bogustafson” in recognition of his model for the oldest solids in space, their origin, evolution and dynamics. The European Space Agency (ESA) currently fly their Rosetta mission with overall goal to verify and distinguish between this and similar models. ISU (the Institution of Surveyors of Uganda) awarded Gustafson a certificate of appreciation for "bringing integrity to the profession". He is a recipient of the ID WORLD “ID Hall of Fame Award” for life time contributions.

** DataGrid markets its products and services globally subject to Export restrictions of Precise Positioning Services (PPS) Technology is Authorized for GPS Memorandum of Understanding Countries Only.