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Precision GNSS solutions for space

Space Gator

Suitable for:

- atmospheric studies

- satellite constellation coordination

- precise maneuvering including docking, distributed synthetic antennas, etc...

- real time or post processed inter-satellite positioning

- timing

The Space Gator is a regular Gator-GNSS box that has been adapted to space conditions. Modifications are minor since DataGrid by default develops and designs it's products to standards adopted based on our legacy with over four decades in the space sciences.


NASA and ESA tested were:

- DGRxS2    a GNSS L1/L2 receiver tracking GPS and Glonass. The DGRxS2 is based on a DGRx2 receiver. The DGRx4 and OSR receivers are built to the same standards so space hardened versions could be built but only the DGRx2 derived version was tested.

- GatorBox     an Aluminum enclosure equipped with an antenna connector and a USB com port

No antenna was tested. Please contact DataGrid about adapting an antenna design taking into account mission geometrical requirements.


The Gator has not flown in space. However it was tested for Low Earth Orbits (LEO) where radiation and temperature gradients are the most severe. Independent tests were performed by NASA and by ESA. Since only one Space Gator has been developed to date, ESA tested a unit that had already survived a full sett of tests including radiation exposure corresponding to 10 years in space by NASA.

The GNSS unit will wakeup by ground command once inserted into orbit. The GNSS unit is not designed for mission critical operation. This means that the mission profile must accommodate opportunities for system maintenance that typically last 180 sec. These will typically be initiated either through onboard self diagnostics or can be triggered externally.  

Space ready GNSS equipment is subject to restrictions beyond ITAR that applies to all GNSS equipment. Please, contact us with your application and we will help work out what rules apply in your specific case.


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