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National Resource Management

DataGrid has experience developing national scale solutions for land management to meet UN and World Bank requirements. We can also address a broad range of other resource management issues. 

We have developed collaborations with other high tech organizations to offer products and services that require large resources. These range from "turnkey" space applications and commercial space systems to technologies that bear on large scale challenges on the ground such as; land management, Identification of persons, objects and locations, secure communications and safe data storage. Large scale implementation of high technology can make the previously technically impossible, not only practical but also efficient and economic.  


The first and only World Bank approved hardware / software / procedures complete system for systematic demarcation of land was developed by DataGrid with input from the Ministry of Lands (Uganda) and from the World Bank.



Large projects require reliability and effectivity at an affordable cost. Therefore, nations that solicit and received advice on how to improve land management practices from organizations such as the UN and the World Bank, often need help to adapt and develop technology and procedures and to implement them.


 Bo Gustafson Interviewed by Philip Stoten of ID PEOPLE, at ID WORLD 2011 Summit 2011.