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DataGrid GNSS products are made in Sweden or in the USA and are subject to export restrictions ...

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Products as of  August 2014:  Click on "OEM", "End-user", "Machine Control" or "Other".

Other: SailFactTM Ship Control UAVs  

Sets of three or more Colibris are used in marine "machine control" applications where they monitor precise ship positioning, roll, pitch and hull distortion. Objectives include reduced wake for better fuel efficiency, reduced bottom erosion and other environmental impact as well as faster and safer docking. Contact us for details. 


Several drone manufacturers are looking to offer our receivers and software as an upgrade from the current standard single frequency receivers. Our key advantage over other survey grade solutions is light weight and low power.

Dimensions (=number of receivers) Three or four Three  
GNSS Signals Signals  
GPS L1/L2/L2c L1/L2/L2c  
Galileo E1 in beta version E1 in beta version  
Communications RS232 USB or RS232 versions  
Power Supp. 7 to 30 V, 70 V transients
(onboard power regulator)
Physical Each 400 gr, 170 mm diameter,
IP67, -40 C to +85 C