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Products as of  August 2014:  Click on "OEM", "End-user" or "Machine Control" or "Other".

End-User: Colibri Chameleon Antennas

The Colibri fits any version DGRx receiver, antenna and battery in a IP67 rated package. Onboard RTK engine or on the controller. Connect over the USB port or use Bluetooth for a fully wireless system. 

The Chameleon is a GNSS receiver box and data collector, modem, Windows CE processor, Ports include: Bluetooth, Serial, USB, Analogue. Ten hours battery time typical. Any version DGRx inside.

Antennas can also be supplied as OEM kits for mounting in third party enclosures.



GNSS Signals Signals Bands
GPS L1/L2/L2c L1/L2/L2c L1/L2
Galileo E1 in beta version E1 in beta version E1
Physical 400 gr, 170 mm diameter,
IP67, -40 C to +85 C
900 gr, 290 mm by 85 mm by 35 mm (connectors not included),
IP67, -40 C to +85 C
under 350 gr, 170 mm diameter,
IP67, -40 C to +85 C