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The DGRx2 was developed for applications where a data stream of raw GNSS data is desired. The data may then be processed off the board in real time or the data stream may be stored for later analysis.

The DGRx2 is suitable for stability monitoring of natural and man-made structures. It was successfully used in demanding environments to study polar ice motion and rock stability studies.

The DGRx2 is also successfully used in monitoring of ship loading and attitude data, in base stations and in machine control that demand high reliability.


At 9 cm x 6 cm x 1 cm, the DGRx2 can be conveniently mounted on a PC Card (PCMCIA single slot) found on many handheld computers using the Gator adaptation kit.

The DGRx2 can also be mounted in any of our enclosures including the Gator and REX box. In the DGRxS version, it's suitable for use on Cube-sats. The DGRxS2 space adaptation of the DGRx2 was tested by NASA and ESA.




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